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March 29, 2012

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Best Multi Level Marketing Companies

Top MLM Companies – Do Research

Looking for the top 10 multi level marketing companies? Fantastic. You are either looking to join your first network marketing company or you are out hunting for a new one – as your current/previous company wasn’t all that you hoped for. Understandable. I want to give you a great resource, and I want to teach you what you need to know about selecting the right company!

Remember, though, “Top 10″ can mean many things; highest income earners, heaviest product sellers, most enrollments, best opportunity, best products/services, oldest company, etc…the list goes on. Just because a company produces the highest income DOES NOT mean that its the best opportunity for the current time. There are many factors to consider – even outside the realm of this article. Regardless, though, without leads, your business is dead. Be sure to get in to HowToSponsor (MLM).


How To Determine A Great Multi Level Marketing Company

This is critical to your success. Understand that there are around 1,500-2,000 network marketing companies that start each and every year. Very few of them are around by the end of their first year. Few companies have made it to 5 years. Even fewer to the  10-year mark. I have heard of countless stories where people have build large 6, sometimes multiple 6-figures within a company, only to wake up one morning with a e-mail telling them that the company doors have closed. How devastating would that be?

The moral of the story: choose the right company. Can you always predict the future of the company? No. But you can increase your odds of picking a great one by following this criteria.

Fantastic Leaders – The company leaders that are behind the scenes of the company is critical. You must have experienced company leaders aspect of not only big-business, but network marketing as well. They should know exactly what it’s like to be in the shoes of all of their distributors. Hopefully they have been there at least once before.

Great Tools & Training – A distributor is only as good as the company’s tools and training. They must be fantastic. They should have videos, conference calls, live events, access to 3-way calls – etc… You want to look for a company that has training and tools that will help you launch your business fast – and help you achieve long-lasting success as well.

Generous Compensation Plan – The distributors should be compensated very well for their work. Not only should the comp plan should be geared toward personal sales, but leadership as well. The money should not be sent to line the pockets of the corporate executives, leaving the distributors with the leftover scraps.

Brilliant Vision – You should know exactly why your company is in the industry. You should know exactly what their vision is during their journey – and how they plan to get there. This vision must be more impressive than the majority of the companies that are currently in business.

Top Notch Product/Service – You product/service can’t be good. It can’t be great. It must be fantastic. No exception. When people use the product/service, it must be life-altering. People should fall in love with it and never want to stop.

Passion – Passion should be seen within the company leaders – but, you need is to be passionate about this company – as well. No exception. I don’t care how fantastic your company is – if you aren’t passionate about it, it will be very difficult for you to create the success you are looking to have.


The Top 10 Multi Level Marketing Companies

Actually, here is a list of the top 25, but the top 10 is obviously in there. This is the most comprehensive analysis of what are the current/projected ‘top’ companies to partner with – that I have come across on the internet. I have personally been within feet of Michael Clouse, the man behind this site, listening to him present – what a brilliant man and fantastic speaker on stages. Considered to be the #2 MLM trainer in the world – based on a whole list of data. He knows a thing or two about mlm company rankings.

Another link worth checking out, is mlm rankings. I feel that this is by far a much less accurate site. Sure, there numbers and sales percentages are, I’m sure, spot on – but determining the right company shouldn’t be completely based on their criteria. Nexera has much better info.

To be fair, just because a company is ‘young’ doesn’t mean it has to be avoided. All brilliant companies that are currently around today – were once an infant. Just choose wisely…


Top 10 Decision

Hopefully by now you have a general concept/grasp on how to make the proper and accurate decision when choosing a multi level marketing company to work/partner with. Remember, this decision should take you a little time. Most people pick out a car in a few weeks or months – yet most people choose a company based on one marketing video that they saw by a friend and think it’s the best one in the world. Food for thought. Remember, though, without leads to talk to about your top-10 company, you will be dead in the water. Use HowToSponsor (MLM) to generate leads from the internet, like clockwork. Happy searching!


To learn how to build an incredibly successful business within MLM by recruiting more people, go to How-To-Sponsor.com. You will learn exactly how to generate leads, no matter which company you are in, and convert them in to salesYou can do this without chasing your friends and family.


“Keep doing what you’ve always done; and keep getting what you’ve always gotten…”


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