“Generate Pre Qualified MLM Leads”

April 4, 2012

MLM Tips & Training

Pre Qualified MLM Leads

So you are looking for pre qualified MLM leads? Good! I can help you with that.

This means that you completely understand that leads are the life-blood of your business. If you aren’t talking to people about your company’s product/service/business opportunity, you are going to be dead in the water – quickly. So how do you find or generate leads that are pre qualified? The short answer is Training! Lets talk more about this. So, listen up! This just may change your business forever!


The Buying Pre Qualified Leads Trick

Some people buy leads for their MLM business – this is crazy, if you ask me.  There are countless companies out there that claim to have the ‘best’ leads. They are all “fresh and hot off the press – people just dying to get inside of a home-business.” Don’t buy in to this hype. Sure, they may be fresh off the press, but that doesn’t mean that they are good. Before you go too much further, I want you to take a moment and read this article, Best MLM Leads Companies. I discuss my experience with purchasing MLM leads and where I got with it. It may open your eyes a bit in regards to purchasing leads.

Remember, these are considered pre qualified leads. The leads usually consist of a persons name, number, email, home address, desired income, amount they have to invest, and how soon they would like to join. Sounds great, right? Believe me, these leads were far from ‘great’. Pricy, too! The point I am trying to make, is that they are considered ‘pre qualifed’, but just understand that there are better leads than others.


What Is A Good Pre Qualified Lead?

Generating your own leads is the best way to acquire a lead, you will learn how below… A lead, though, is an individual who has opted in to some type of material of mine. I offered valuable content for the taking, and in exchange, they give me their e-mail address. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a ‘good’ lead.

To me, a good lead must meet the following criteria;

  1. Looking for a home business or looking for help within a home business.
  2. Go-getter. I don’t like tire-kickers. I like people who are actively trying to succeed.
  3. Coach-able. I want people who have a desire to learn and a desire to grow.

The closer you are able to target this type of individual within your marketing campaign, the more success you will have within your own business. You want to sponsor people who are go-getters and want success of their own. And you want to be there holding their hand and helping them achieve it!


Generating Pre Qualified MLM Leads

As previously mentioned, lead-generation is critical to your success. When you know how to generate your own leads, you are on your way to build a very successful organization. Never buy them – there is a great chance you will wish you hadn’t.

So how do you generate your own leads? You must offer value! Nobody is going to just randomly give your their contact info.  You must give a prospect some type of value in exchange for their contact info – such as an e-mail or phone number.  The power of the internet makes this much easier.  There are endless amounts of places on the internet that you can offer value and have people give you their contact info. The key, though, is learning how to do this and where to do this.

That’s where rock-solid training comes in. Here, you learn exactly how to start generating pre-qualified MLM leads and how to convert them in to sales within your primary opportunity. How would your business change if you could sponsor 1 person a month. How about 5? 10? Interesting question. Learn how to consistently generate leads, and you are on your way to great success within this industry! If you haven’t already, be sure to read Best Way To Generate MLM Leads for a deeper explanation.  See you on the inside!


To learn how to build an incredibly successful business within MLM by recruiting more people, go to How-To-Sponsor.com. You will learn exactly how to generate leads and convert them in to sales; which is what needs to take place to achieve success, without chasing your friends and family.

“Keep doing what you’ve always done; and keep getting what you’ve always gotten…”


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5 Responses to ““Generate Pre Qualified MLM Leads””

  1. Kennedy Says:

    Was wondering if there is any way to get in contact with you, as I am interested in potential advertising opportunities.I will be following your blog with a great interest. Thank you.


  2. Viola Tam Says:

    Hi, Brock,

    I could not agree with you more about generating our own leads is better than buying pre-qulaified leads.

    With a professional system like MyLeadSYstemPRO, whoever have the desire to generate their own leads can do so. Personally, I do not think it is too esay. Yet, it is not too hard either.

    The bottomline is, it is definitely a journey worth embarking on! Say good bye to less-than-satisfactory leads.

    Wonderful blog post filled with great content! Well done, Brock!

    Viola Tam
    Check out my latest post…?Selling? Sharing? Serving?My Profile


  3. Jon Says:

    Hello Brock,I’ve spent a lot of time browsing the web and lead generation is always a must but anyway nice clean articles but I seen an ad up top about how 97% of mlm networkers fail. For the last few months I cracked the code on these residual comp plans and mathematically 90% will lose no matter what.From 10 to 1 million.9 to 900,000 pretty scary but it is what it is.


  4. Marrielle Morrow Says:

    Hi Brock, it is a great pleasure for me to know about MLM leads because I want to know more about this and I think I can learn so much from you and thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and ideas here about this.


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