“Nobody Said It Was Easy”

July 18, 2012

Entrepreneur Mindset

Nobydy said it was going to be easy

Not Always Easy – But Always Worth It

So many of us have the mentality that we are going to accomplish a large goal or dream, and it will not take much effort. Wrong. The larger the goal – the larger the effort, and that usually increases the level of difficulty.

I don’t want to discourage you. In fact – I want to encourage you! I want you to be successful. Bottom line. Seriously. That is my goal. I want you to have all the success that you desire. But you must want it, for yourself, just as bad as I do – for you.


“Nobody Said It Was Easy – They Said It Was Worth it…”


I couldn’t agree more. Many things are challenging. ┬áMostly challenging to the mind. Most of us have arms and legs – so we are able to do what most everybody else can do. The challenging part is finding the motivation to accomplish our personal goals. This is a mental requirement.


Nobody Said It Was Easy – Laying The Foundation

You must lay the foundation. What is that – you ask? Here are 3 steps that you must follow if you want to achieve your goals.

1) Determine What You Want – This should be a very quick and sudden though/impulse. This is something that you want so bad it is running through you mind all the time. It is something that you feel running through your veins, because you want it so bad!

2) Determine How To Get It – This may take thought. You must strategically plan out how you are going to do it. What steps do you need to take to make this happen? If you don’t yet know the steps that you need to take – you must find someone that does – and follow their lead!

3) Make It Happen – These words are loud and clear. MAKE IT HAPPEN! Again, you must want this so bad that you are going to stop at nothing. Any hurdle, any person, any obstacle in your way will be pushed/jumped over. You must obtain tunnel-vision. This is essential. Again, nobody said it was easy – they said it was worth it. Lay out your plan, and get to work!


Mindset is so essential when you are trying to achieve your goals. Our drive, our motivation, our mindset – it’s all dependent upon our own personal thoughts. We can either choose to have success – or choose to give up. Seriously. It IS black or white. Why? Because if you want to accomplish your goal bad enough, you will stick with it long enough to make it happen. Never give up on your goals or yourself!

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse…”


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2 Responses to ““Nobody Said It Was Easy””

  1. Ted Maple Says:

    That’s what I call an Inspiring Speech!
    And that’s what I’m going to do – to fight, to struggle, not to give up!
    Thanks, my friend!


    • Brock Says:

      Never, never, never give up. The only thing holding us back, is ourselves.

      Thanks for stopping by Ted!


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