Brand New MLM Companies

March 14, 2012

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The New MLM Companies

New MLM Isn’t Always Great – Choose Wisely!

So you are looking for new multi level marketing companies. There could be many reasons you are looking for new companies. Maybe you haven’t ever been involved with a multi level marketing company, and you are looking to start because you heard how quickly business growth can occur. Or maybe you have been in a company for a while and you are looking for a new company to get involved with because your previous company changed their compensation plan, did something that bothered you, or simply shut down/collapsed.

Regardless – you are on the hunt. I want to show you how to effectively look for a new company.

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Where To Find New Multi Level Marketing Companies

Npros is the leading authority in the Network Marketing industry – they provide all sorts of information about the past, current, and up-coming companies in the industry. They are a great place to start. List of New MLM Companies. This is a list that will constantly change as new companies are formed. Remember, never simply pick a company based on how pretty a logo looks…


“It’s a Brand New Multi Level Marketing Company – Should I Join?”

If it was up to me, I would do some incredibly deep research. I would want to know every single thing about that company, possible. I would want to know a lot about the founders and their experience in this industry as well as big-business. The chances of me joining would be ultra-slim. Around 1,500 new multi level marketing companies start each and ever year – yet only a very small percentage of those are left by the end of the year. They collapse. I would hate to get involved with a company that collapses in a short time.

1) Pros To Joining A New Company – Being involved in the start-up of the company can be quite rewarding. You are able to recruit people in the beginning and the word can possibly spread in a viral way. This would bring countless people in to your business for weeks, months, and years to come. Joining a company in the beginning can be great as long as the company lasts. Remember, though, by averages – the chances of the company surviving the end of the year is extremely slim. But, if you build a nice sized organization and your organization duplicates the exact same process with all of their people – you are in for one wild ride (in a good way)!

2) Cons To Joining A New Company – As I mentioned before, the company could collapse. That would be the worst-case scenario. Imagine placing tons of time, effort, and energy in a company just for them to shut their doors, taking your residual income for life along with it. Not to mention your reputation – imaging bringing in all of your friends and family in to a company that shuts its doors – you will look like a fool to your family, as they trusted you. I personally know a man who was in a couple different companies – he built a 6 or multiple 6-figure residual income, just to have the company close its doors. How devastating. I couldn’t imagine.

It’s important to note that all great companies were ‘infants’ at one point. That’s a given. What makes a company great is simply 5 main factors. I would look for them if I were to join a new company – luckily the company I am with currently has all these. Be sure to read The Best Multi Level Marketing Companies, to get an idea of what you need to be looking for when searching for a company to join. Remember, choosing a fantastic company takes a little time – don’t hop in to it like you are picking out a doughnut at a doughnut shop. This selection-process should be considered with as much diligence as choosing the proper brain surgeon to perform on your parents. Choose the company wisely!

As a side note – many people look for new MLM companies simply because they feel their company isn’t providing great training. If that is you, understand that you can absolutely still have success. You just need the right training. You must learn how to generate leads and have more people to talk to about your opportunity. Be sure to join HowToSponsor (MLM) if you are serious about your business.
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“Keep doing what you’ve always done, and keep getting what you’ve always gotten…”


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5 Responses to “Brand New MLM Companies”

  1. Oliver Tausend Says:

    Hi Brock,

    thanks for sharing your insights. Most businesses fail in the first two years, regardless if traditional or not. So it’s not a good idea to join an MLM business in the first two years. We want to wait until the growing pains are over; if it’s a good business, it will be great in 2 to 5 years from now on. If we have to hurry, it’s most likely already over, even before it really began.

    Be blessed

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    • Brock Says:

      Agreed. I know of individuals who wont touch a company unless it is 5 years old – and I also know of a couple individuals who will not even consider looking at it unless it is 10 years old. They mean serious business, though. They want to be absolutely certain that the company is well organized and will not be collapsing anytime soon.

      But on the flip side, those who believe in a company early on, and the company does end up soaring through the growth pains, and moves on to be a very well established company over the years – will reap in the rewards. Bit I would rather play it save in join after those ‘pains’.

      Thanks, Oliver!


  2. Steve Shoemaker Says:

    Brock great piece here. I like the fact you linked to Npros been so long I had forgot about them. Some interesting companies there and your right it might be good to let the dust settle with some of these before taking the leap.

    Check out my latest post…?Home Page Pays: Can You Get Paid To Surf The Internet Using Home Page Pays??My Profile


  3. Migisi Says:

    Your post for the multi level marketing companies is nice to read. Joining of the new company is will have many pros and cons. thanks for sharing that information with us.
    Its very useful to us.


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