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July 30, 2012

MLM Tips & Training

Tips for Network Marketing

Mindset Changes Everything…

When we begin this journey in to the foreign territory of this thing called ‘network marketing’, most of us have no clue what we are doing. I am guilty as charged. But we all are. Even the top income-earners within the entire profession. Network marketing requires skills. That’s fact.

That being said, I feel it is important for you to understand these network marketing tips, that I didn’t, when I first got started in this industry back in 2010. It’s mindset. It’d belief. It’s vision. It’s commitment. If you aren’t ready for any of those – back out and don’t bother getting started. Network marketing is really for those who are committed to success.


5 Network Marketing Tips

  1. Network Marketing isn’t perfect – but its better
  2. Decide to go Pro – Don’t plan on getting lucky
  3. Skills are important – wishing/hoping/short-cutting isn’t an option
  4. It will take time – but it’s worth it
  5. Freedom is possible

When you decide to commit to network marketing tips #’s 1-4, then #5 will come become tangible. It’s impossible not to. Anyone who makes a commitment to the network marketing professional and decides that they are going to learn whatever it takes to make it happen – it’s just a matter of time before success sweeps them up.


Invest In You!

Why? Because you are you! It doesn’t matter if your company collapses, if your computer blows up, if you lose an arm, if your car was stolen, if you lost your home, if your spouse was injured, etc… you can still make this happen. With enough education about becoming a network marketing professional, there is no doubt in my mind that you will still make it work. Why? Because you will have the desire and the mindset to keep moving on and/or rebuild a new team. Success comes from the mind. You have to know you want it. You have to feel it. It has to be running through your veins. Giving up is not an option.

To learn how to build an incredibly successful business within MLM by recruiting more people, go to How-To-Sponsor.com. You will learn exactly how to generate leads and convert them in to sales; which is what needs to take place to achieve success, without chasing your friends and family.

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse…”


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30 Responses to ““Network Marketing Tips” – Remember This!”

  1. Abhishek Boinapalli Says:


    I have no idea what network management is …

    but yeah, investing in yourself is most important .. whether you are in job / whether you are in business ..

    after everything, it is you, who are going to make true your wishes and desires ..
    Check out my latest post…?Swimming In SummerMy Profile


  2. Manasa Edaward Says:

    invest in yourself .. does that mean same as personality development??

    got any idea how to do it, other than reading bookss?

    I hate books ..


    • Abhishek Boinapalli Says:

      Hey, books aint that bad ..

      books help a lot .. if reading books is a problem .. read a few blogs on personality development .. there are lots of them everywhere ..


      • Brock Says:

        Books are great.

        Read every personal development book you can get your hands on. It will only help improve your personality – attracting the right type of people to your business opportunity.


    • Brock Says:

      Yes! Personal development! Critical to our success.

      Reading books, listening to CD’s, tapes, or DVD’s. Any way to get it in to your brain! :)


  3. John Paul Says:

    Is network management same as MLM??

    This post is trying to explain .. but still I am not very sure .. is there a small difference or a big one???


    • Brock Says:

      Not sure what you are asking.

      I have never heard of ‘network management’.

      The key is to generate leads, and talk with them about your business. Plain and simple. Don’t over complicate it. :)


  4. Shreya Says:

    Okay ..

    what do you mean by go pro??

    is it like I need to buy something?? Just like PRO package in online sites?? Should I contact my adviser, the one above me in my MLM package??


    • Brock Says:

      LOL no.

      Simply tell yourself that you will STOP AT NOTHING to make your dreams happen. You WILL learn the products, you WILL learn the compensation plan, you WILL learn the industry, and you WILL personally grow by taking personal development courses. That is the key to success.


  5. Mahesh Babu Says:

    That is some good advice ..

    I would like to study more about this .. where do I start from???

    Do you have a list of posts in order which I must study??


  6. Edward Newgate Says:

    convert leads to sales .. that is what marketing is all about ..

    thanks for the quick tips ..


  7. Justin Ruso Says:

    wishing/hoping/short-cutting isn’t an option

    so true…

    but what about dreaming , aint making a goal from a dream more important .. ain’t dreams / goals the biggest motivators??


    • Manasa Edward Says:

      Of course …

      dreams are the reason why we all want to do something ..

      but what if dreaming is what we do all the time .. would that be any good??

      I don’t think so .. it mustn’t be that way ..


      • George Clinton Says:

        I decided to turn into new leaf today .. and work hard for my dreams …

        (just like yesterday and the daybefore .. )

        sometimes dreams, motivators won’t work .. all you need is to invest in yourself and buy a good motivator / personal coach ..

        great post .. @Brockblohm ..


        • Brock Says:

          Thanks George.


          Understand, though, I am not for hire – people simply join my team – and I work with them. Pretty good deal, if you ask me…


      • Brock Says:


        We must dream. We must determine the pathway that will help us achieve our dreams – and set sails! Actions create results!


    • Brock Says:

      Dreams and goals ARE the biggest motivators – in my book.

      Exactly, short-cutting isn’t an option. If you want something bad enough – you will do whatever it takes to make it happen – without taking shortcuts.


  8. Tom Sailor Says:

    not everyone can afford personal coach ..

    sometimes you have to kick yourself in the a** to get the work done ..

    following tips 1 through 4 would surely help .. in marketing .. I know it .. i am practicing them .. with success …

    yeah defiantly a good post .


    • Brock Says:

      Thanks Tom.

      Yeah, you ALWAYS have to kick yourself in the a** to get work done. Funny thing, though, it makes you more $$$. Totally worth it.

      Glad to hear you are applying what you learn. Most people don’t. When you learn the network marketing tips, and you start applying them, you can’t help but see an improvement in your business.


  9. Vijji Tiwari Says:

    found this post via google …

    Looks like the comments are interesting too .. not just the content .. ha ha ..

    Is there a part two for this post??


    • Brock Says:

      Thanks Vijji.

      No part 2, but feel free to dig around to other parts of the blog. TONS of info for you to learn :) Hope this helps!


  10. Junior NTR Says:

    Wonderful post ..

    I have a MLM site too .. though I never met with any success …

    looks like I can learn a little from you ..

    God be with you ..

    you were in this business from 2010??


    • Brock Says:

      Hey Junior,

      Glad to hear you have taken your business online. That is a very, very smart move. Keep learning. If you aren’t having the success you are looking for with your site – something is wrong.

      Be sure to get in to how-to-sponsor.com and learn. You will be guided from there.


  11. Junior NTR Says:

    journey in to the foreign territory is sometimes risky ..

    you make it look like piece of cake .. let me check if this works out for me ..

    gonna comeback for sure .. Kindly put up an email subscription option ..

    Looks like you only have a feed / Networked blogs plugin ..


    • Brock Says:

      Journey in to foreign territory is ALWAYS risky – but those who don’t take it – will never have a chance at the reward.


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