Network Marketing “Failure” – MLM Tip #24

July 13, 2012

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Network Marketing Failure Hype

Quitting Is Never An Option

Maybe you have heard someone say “95-97% of Network Marketers Fail” within their businesses. I want to let you know that I feel this is completely wrong.

People get involved and don’t generate the income they were hoping that they could make right off the bat – so, they simply give up and quit.

“Do people actually fail?” No. They QUIT. Don’t for get this…!

We all are the same, for the most part. We can all walk, talk, think, eat, sleep, etc. So why do some people fail while some others thrive? Want the real (and very blunt) answer? It’s because they want it more than the rest.  The top 3-5% within the MLM profession simply want success more than they rest.


Desire To Succeed

When you TRULY want something more than someone else, you will last longer. You will try to learn more things, and you will spend more time trying to learn those things. When these people get frustrated, they don’t give up and stop – they simply analyze the situation, and try again. With each error/problem, they grow stronger!

I can log in to my back-office right now and look at a list of people who have quit – not fail, but literally quit! They are very close to me, in terms of the hierarchy. This means that a lot of what I produce – they will benefit from. Yet they decided that they were going to quit – and they stopped ordering for a year, losing their spot. If they would have simply continued to order and not quit – not even do ANYTHING, they would have generated a massive amount of points, which would convert in to 4-figures worth of income. But instead of just holding on for a little longer, learning more strategies, and trying something new – they simply quit. Stinks to be them. I’m not going to convince them or twist their arm to stay in – nor should you for the people in your business.


Network Marketing – Quit Or Failure

Success Or Failure In MLM

The Choice Is Yours

People will either want success or they wont. They will be willing to learn or they wont. They will be willing to grow or they simply wont! There is no gray here – only black and white. If you want something bad enough – you will keep striving to achieve it – no matter what!

The amount of capital required to get involved in Network Marketing is incredibly low. Seriously. Almost anybody can afford it on almost any budget.  They key is to NOT to treat it is such – but to treat it as if it were a multimillion-dollar business that you have just invested in.

Start learning from the right MLM Lead Generation sources like your life depends on it! Food for thought.
To learn how to build an incredibly successful business within MLM by recruiting more people, go to You will learn exactly how to generate leads and convert them in to sales; which is what needs to take place to achieve success, without chasing your friends and family.


“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse…”



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2 Responses to “Network Marketing “Failure” – MLM Tip #24”

  1. Ted Maple Says:

    I had failures, small and big. But I keep moving. I really think that month by month it’s getting better and better, and I am pretty good “golfer” now)
    Thanks, Brock) Cheers!


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