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March 1, 2012

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MLM Custom Backoffice

Your Custom Website (Backoffice) Isn’t Important

Wish you could have more conversions when you send someone to your mlm custom website (backoffice)? Of course you would. I’m glad you are out looking for answers that will help benefit you in your business. Kudos to you.

When you sign up for a Network Marketing (MLM) company, they almost always give you your own custom website or ‘backoffice’ as they call it. There are companies that provide this for free & there are some companies that charge you a monthly hosting fee.

Many (if not all) companies tell you to send people to your MLM custom website and hope that they will read things, watch videos, and sign up with you. Repeat the process over and over to build a bigger team or down-line.

If you are looking for the quick answer – ditch the cookie-cutter website and join MLSP. If you are truly serious about your business and truly serious about taking your business online to generate more leads – you will join the community. Continue reading to learn more about your MLM custom website.


Your Custom MLM Website – Important Info

1) Never send people to your custom website! Am I serious? Yes! Seriously, this is almost always ineffective. People don’t just ‘sign up’ randomly. There are many reasons to why they have did this.

2) Remember, people are joining you – because of you, not always because of your opportunity. Though you must have a company that is truly solid and offers a solution to your prospects problem, that’s not the only reason they are joining. Again, they are joining because of you. They like you & they trust you. If they didn’t like and trust you, they would have never signed up with you – and that’s for certain.

3) The Sign-ups don’t come from your custom website. They come from you. Remember, even if someone happens to go to your site and they signed up, it wasn’t because you organized the information in such a way they were simply compelled to purchase. No – they signed up because you told them about it, you are currently doing it, you are a friend, and you are trusted. Period. So focus your time on making friends, being liked, and trusted.


Relationships – Not Custom Websites

Remember, Network Marketing (MLM) is a relationship business. Period. This industry is all about building relationships and sharing information about your company to those who are showing interest in your niche market. It really isn’t all that complicated when you know what you are doing. If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to read my MLM Tips.

The overall point I wanted to make with this article, is that you should never spend time, effort, and energy on making your MLM custom website fantastic. If you are running your business correctly, nobody should ever see it. You should only use it to sign someone up when they personally tell you that they want to sign up. That’s it.  Hope this helps. Get inside of My Lead System Pro, and you will learn how to take your business online and generate endless amounts of leads for years to come.


To learn how to build an incredibly successful business within MLM by recruiting more people, go to You will learn exactly how to generate leads and convert them in to sales; which is what needs to take place to achieve success, without chasing your friends and family.

“Keep thinking your mlm custom website is fantastic, and keep getting what you’ve always gotten…”


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7 Responses to “Your MLM Custom Website”

  1. Ryan Biddulph Says:

    “So focus your time on making friends, being liked, and trusted.”

    Brock, super insight here. Spend time building relationships, all of your content, and your website becomes a thousand times more clickable. People who know, like and trust you will dig deeper into your offerings. Focus on helping others, promoting others, and this whole know, like trust thing becomes a zillion times easier.


    Check out my latest post…?How to Murder Cash Gifting Failure InstantlyMy Profile


  2. Radu Says:

    Hey Brock,
    Couldn’t agree more! Little by little this becomes a real mantra for MLM:build relationships :)
    Besides the MLM custom websites, the products we use and even the content we create, it comes down to how good are you with people, how much you care and share. Every day is just a huge opportunity to build friendships and serve. If one does that the fear of “I’m not getting leads and sign-ups, how will I pay the fee, my company is not good” will disolve..Why? Because you don’t focus on taking but on giving. …the rest will take care of itself..When people will come to you they will ask for the site, without you needing to be pushy :)
    In the end, I would like to share here the quote from The Go-Giver book, a fantastic read btw: “you give, give,give. Why? Because you love to. It’s not a strategy; it’s a way of life”.

    Thanks Brock for this powerful reminder!


    • Brock Says:

      haha, you got it Radu. A good mantra :). I may change things up a bit, now.

      “how much you care and share”
      You got it!

      Love that quote at the end. It isn’t a strategy. You should want to give because you feel it in your bones. It’s a deep desire that you should have.

      Thanks for your input, Radu!
      Check out my latest post…?Your MLM Custom Website – Important InfoMy Profile



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