“Have An MLM Business Plan?” – MLM Tip #30

September 11, 2013

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Do YOU have an MLM business plan? If not – there is a massive chance that you will eventually quit on yourself. Why? Because most people start a marketing business without truly understanding how to market.


The Basic MLM Business Plan

Find people to talk to, talk with the people that you find, and teach people who decided to join you in your business; how to do the same thing. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it is. The concepts. Took me a long time to really find this broken-down-answer. I tried to make it MUCH more complicated than it was.

Just remember – when you talk to the people that you find – never try to convince, sell, twist their arm, or even force them in to your business. Either they want it – or they don’t. If they don’t, do not worry, there are PLENTY of other people out there who want exactly what you have to offer. Seriously.

If you want the quick answer; it’s MLM Lead Generation & Training. This is the only resource that I give to anyone who is looking to go from where they are now – to where they want to be in their business.


Starting Without An MLM Business PlanMLM Business Plan

Most people start Network Marketing start without a true MLM business plan. They simply share their product or the opportunity with their friends and their family, and that is it. When their friends and family reject the opportunity, the product, or the service, most people get frustrated and they simply quit the company – all-together! They give up on themselves and their dreams.

Its sad, but it’s true.

People are starting a network marketing business without truly understanding how to market. It’s that black and white. Anybody who is beginning their journey in multi level marketing, must have an MLM business plan. If they don’t, it is proven by the sheer numbers, that most people will simply quit. This is not just network marketing, but any business model that anybody starts – traditional or not. You would never start a business empire without some type of plan. It just does not make sense. You do not have to create your own plan or blueprint, you simply have to find a plan that already exist, one that works, and follow the blueprint. Never try to reinvent the wheel. The wheel already works.


“Do what someone has already done to get what they have already got…” (why reinvent the wheel?)


Where Do I Find An MLM Business Plan?

On this page. I have attached a link that I feel is the best blueprint and resource for anyone who is involved in network marketing. The reality is that if someone is serious about building a long-lasting and profitable business – they must turn to online lead generation. Leads and sales solves all problems in network marketing. If someone has more leads, they will have more sales. If someone has more sales, they would never quit. Plain and simple. That community has created more success stories than anyone else in the Network Marketing profession.

I wish you the best of success in your ventures.


If you don’t have enough leads for your Network Marketing business – you are missing some key steps. www.How-To-Sponsor.com is your best friend. Go there. Opt in. Learn from the leaders! Thank me later.


“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse…”


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2 Responses to ““Have An MLM Business Plan?” – MLM Tip #30”

  1. Lisa J Says:

    Hey Brock!

    Great article. You pointed out the key reasons why most people do not succeed with MLM. We are all told to talk to a few friends and family, but the truth is that won’t build a successful business.

    Having an MLM plan and understanding how to market are key! As you pointed out, most people give up. Supposedly the failure rate in MLM is very high. But I don’t think it’s failure, it’s simply people giving up for lack of understanding or having the correct expectations of MLM.

    Thanks again.


    • Brock Says:


      Our uplink wouldn’t have ‘sold the dream’ if they would have said “you must talk to half of the world before success will come…” lol.

      Yeah, I changed my vocabulary about a year ago – I used to say there is a failure rate of 97% or so…but then I realized that it’s actually a quit-rate. If people took this profession a bit more serious, they would have had stuck with it longer and been more willing to spend time learning where they are lacking in their business.

      Failing to plan is planning to fail – for certain.

      Thanks Lisa :)


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