Past #1 Mary Kay National Sales Director – “What’s A Good Company?”

June 26, 2012

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I was in Phoenix a while back, and I decided to pull my good friend Christine Peterson to the side and ask her a few questions on camera. My primary focus was to have her explain her mindset when it comes to searching for the company.

For those who are unaware of who Christine Peterson is, she is the past #1 Elite National Sales Director in the Mary Kay Company.  If anyone knows a thing or two about network marketing, she does.

Christine & Brock At Company Event

Christine & Brock At Company Event

If don’t know her story, she was forced in to retirement by the Mary Kay Company simply because she turned 65 years old. Her team/organization/downline is no longer something that she was able to receive residual income from. When you reach a certain level, 65 is the ‘cut-off’ year and you are done.  Its not your Mary Kay business; it’s theirs. Of course there are legalities there and she was able to work something out with the company.  Sad story, though – she loved what she did! Be sure to choose your Network Marketing company wisely.

Long-story-short, she was approached by many companies. Who WOUDLN’T want a National Sales Director in their company?! Companies were coming at her left and right offering her a part of their team. She declined all of them (yes, even the BIG companies out there that you have all heard of ). She found a home with the company that I am currently partnered with – in-fact, she is my sponsor and she introduced me to the company that I am currently with. Thank you Christine!!


Answers From A Past MK National Sales Director

Anyway, back to the interview. I asked Christine to explain to us what to look for in a good Network Marketing company.

She basically responds by emphasizing on some key points that I have listed on another post seen here: The Best Network Marketing Companies.

A solid Network Marketing Company must have;

  1. Great Leaders/Management
  2. Great Vision
  3. Great Training & Tools
  4. Great Product
  5. Great Compensation Plan

If a company even lacks ONE of these, it will collapse. Just a matter of time.

I hope this message from a past Mary Kay National Sales Director comes to you as some type of help and guidance to you. All the best to you!


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  1. Anna Says:

    Getting the leaders in any field to be your sponsor is a very great idea. After all, finding the right sponsors is one of the best way to ensure the growth of any organization.


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