“How To Become Successful In Network Marketing”

February 14, 2012

MLM Tips & Training

So you are trying to learn how to become successful in Network Marketing. Awesome!

Network Marketing can be a difficult venture if you aren’t sure what you need to do. I want to make it clear that anybody can be successful within this industry – as long as they are willing to work on their own personal development, and business/marketing skills.

Remember, leads are everything. Partner with HowToSonsor. This is your largest ticket to success in this industry. Lets begin.


Steps To Becoming Successful In Network Marketing

Join The Best Company - Join a company who has met the following list of criteria.

  1. Great Vision
  2. Great Corporate Leadership
  3. Fantastic/Life-changing products/services
  4. Top notch training
  5. Possesses great company tools
  6. Fantastic compensation plan
  7. Striving to improve and expand

    Successful In Network Marketing

    Network Marketing Success Tips

Failure to have any one of these within the company you plan to join may leads to disappointment in the future. You want a rock-solid Network Marketing company that will be around for a a lifetime, not one that will shut its doors in the coming years or months. This is critical to your long-term success with in this industry. For this to be explained in detail, be sure to read Best Multi Level Marketing Companies.

Work On Yourself - Yes, you! You are the most critical person to your own Network Marketing success. If you have trouble writing, work on it. If you have trouble communicating, work on it. If you have trouble listening, work on it. If you have trouble with self-esteem, work on it! You are the only one holding you back – nobody else! If you want a change, you will make it happen. Find books, find articles, meet with someone that can help you – just do it!

Learn To Market – The more you know and implement, the more you are worth. The more ‘targeted’ people that see your opportunity, the better your chances at success. Being great at marketing doesn’t mean you have to spend big bucks, either. The reality is, many marketing strategies are free – but most people don’t know they exist.

There are 2 types of marketing – Online & Offline

  1. Online Marketing – Find people who are interested in what you have, using the Internet (social media, article marketing, blogging)
  2. Offline Marketing – Find people who are interested in what you have, without using the Internet (friends, family, colleagues, networking evens)

Learn To Attract – Attract people to you. Wouldn’t that improve your business, if people walked up to you or e-mailed you and asked more about you or what you do? Of course. Here, there are both online and offline methods as well.

Attraction Marketing Offline

  • Great personality (friendly, fun, helpful)
  • Dressing nice in public
  • Start a conversation to random people in public (when there is a proper opportunity)
  • Nice car
  • Appear to keep busy

Attraction Marketing Online

  • Sharp social media profiles (twitter, facebook, youtube)
  • Offer value (the most critical of all)
  • Personally branded website with pure value
  • Great personality (always willing to help, friendly, fun)

If you haven’t already, be sure to read  How To Be Successful In Multi Level Marketing, it’s very similar to this article.

Generate Leads & Convert To Sales - This is the most critical. Every single individual who has had Network Marketing success, have done or are currently doing this. It is a combination of all of the items listed above. Some Networkers like the offline method, some like online.  You do what you feel comfortable with, or comfortable learning. Just remember, though, “same actions produce the same results…”. Try to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while. Most of the time, you will be glad you did. If you haven’t already, be sure to get inside of HowToSponsor.


To learn how to build an incredibly successful business within MLM by recruiting more people, go to How-To-Sponsor.com. You will learn exactly how to generate leads and convert them in to sales; which is what needs to take place to achieve success, without chasing your friends and family.


“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse…”


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8 Responses to ““How To Become Successful In Network Marketing””

  1. Oliver Tausend Says:

    Hi Brock,

    thanks for sharing your insights. The single most important aspect is a viable product people would buy without a business opportunity attached to it. In fact, if sales only take place within the system, there must be people who will lose money because the cashlow is just being redistributed within the system – minus the cost of the company and its profits. So wothout a value-priced retailable product, most people are doomed to fail.

    Be blessed



    • Brock Says:

      Hey Oliver!

      You are very correct! I have heard of only few people who have said it like that – and I completely back you up.

      “If this company had a product with no business opportunity attached to it, would you still purchase it…?” If the average person would answer ‘no’, then run! This company is destined for failure, and it will be difficult for you to become successful!

      It’s best to have a product/service that people can just ‘money-redirect’ to this new company, for reasons that will benefit them. If people see that they can ‘buy this instead of that’ and it is better than what they are used to, it will be an easy sale.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your input. Always good to see you here ;).
      Check out my latest post…?How To Become Successful In Network MarketingMy Profile


  2. Abyooda Says:

    thanks for you post Brock


  3. tumoliu Says:

    Glad to see you post,it’s very useful


  4. Jacob Says:

    Having a great compensation plan along with a fantastic product goes hand in hand. The company’s visions and leadership like you mentioned is also very essential. Makes you become part of the company.
    Check out my latest post…?Changing The Game Plan For Faster ResultsMy Profile


    • Brock Says:

      You got it, Jacob. With out any one of them, it’s a matter of time before the company goes under. They are very essential.

      Thanks for you input!


  5. Bill Avery Says:

    Always start your article marketing events with good keyword rese3arch. Ranki9ng on Google gives you traffic. Traffic = leads = money.


    • Brock Says:

      You got it, Bill. That’s the perfect equation. Without it, we are all dead in the water (as far as the internet arena goes)

      Thanks for stopping by.


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